Please note that there are local deviations regarding apprenticeships. The following description applies specifically to the headquarters in Schaffhausen.





IWC is on the lookout for young people!


Did you know that a mechanical automatic winding watch theoretically runs forever? And that this is without a battery or charging, just by wearing it on your wrist every day?


Did you know that a Portugieser Grande Complication consists of 659 individual parts and the current time can be made audible through strikes to the gong?


The mechanical watches that we have been manufacturing in our workshops along the Rhine since 1868 are complex, precision instruments. Countless tiny parts, some of which are exposed to extreme pressures and non-stop service, are all brought together in the smallest of spaces. Our watches don’t just tell the time, they also have many additional functionalities, called intricacies; from the stopwatch above the moon phase displays, to mechanically programmed perpetual calendars.


Do you share our passion for watchmaking? Does producing a traditional product that’s “Made in Switzerland” and valued all over the world, with the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and technologies, excite you?


Our vocational training programs are aimed at enthusiastic young people who want to shape their future. During your apprenticeship, we will supply you with comprehensive, specialist know-how. But on the way, we will also teach you how to think and act independently, like an entrepreneur, and give you the joy of developing innovative solutions.


Your apprenticeship at IWC will lay the foundations for a successful career. In return, we expect you to have a great deal of motivation, willingness to learn, reliability and perseverance. An apprenticeship with us challenges you and promotes your individual skills and talents.


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Apprentice Job Description



Do you want to find out more or have you already found your dream job? We want you to be sure that you are taking the right path. Our three-step selection process will help you to establish whether your chosen career is right for you:


Step 1: Register for the information afternoon

Step 2: Technical test

Step 3: One-week taster course


If you are interested in basic vocational training at IWC, please contact the following person for more information:

Administrative employees



Rebekka Stamm

Phone: +41 (0) 52 235 75 25


Technical professions




Markus Kaufmann

Phone: +41 (0) 52 235 75 67


Information technology



Steve Stuber

Phone: +41 (0) 52 235 77 88


What do you want to equip the young people taking part in apprenticeships with? 

Young entrants should have the courage to bring in new ideas and to complete the apprenticeship with motivation, curiosity and readiness to be prepared for the professional world.

My goal is to provide the apprentices with a versatile education with a good foundation for starting their careers.

Independence and initiative combined with teamwork and punctuality creates a reliable and innovative IT specialist.

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